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Using Micro-Controllers, Mark Spencer [WA8SME]

Friday, February 14, 2014 @ 8PM - Mark Spencer
Using Amateur Radio's APRS and Micro-controllers for Data Link and Remote Control

When Mark, WA8SME, was a new ham, single side band (SSB) was emerging as a new mode that eventually would impact the very nature of ham radio.  Today Mark sees micro-controllers as having the same impact in the future as SSB had in our past.  Every electronic device that we use (including our ham radios) have multiple micro-controllers that are integral parts of their function.  This presentation will discuss how micro-controllers in conjunction with APRS can open a whole new world of ham radio to you.

During this presentation, Mark will focus on some examples that illustrate the connection between ham radio and micro-controller programming.  This will not be a tutorial on programming, but will illustrate some of the things that are possible once you understand some programming fundamentals.  Using ham radio APRS and micro-controllers as the common themes and connection, Mark will demonstrate how APRS can be used to control a robot (both terrestrial and in water) and also how APRS can be used to data link information collected by environmental sensors carried aboard water and air borne buoy packages.

The applications presented can be used in your local school or in your shack, and hopefully will stimulate your creative juices.

About Mark Spencer:


Mark has been a ham for almost 50 years, but stopped counting a number of years ago.  He is a retired Air Force Officer and Pilot who spent most of his career flying U-2 High Altitude Reconnaissance aircraft and served in various related operational and staff assignments around the globe.  Upon retirement Mark engaged in a second career in education, teaching the sciences and mathematics in high school and community college, and was a school principal.  He currently is an independent consultant with the ARRL Education and Technology Program supporting teacher out-reach and in-service training through that program.  He is a frequent contributor to QST and other ARRL publications as well as the AMSAT Journal.  He authored the PIC Programming for the Beginners text.

Pictures From Mark's presentation at CARA: