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KD1YV's Raspberry PI Presentation (2014)

Raspberry PI and Amateur Radio - Jim Ritterbusch, KD1YV


Our own Jim Ritterbusch, KD1YV, gave a presentation to CARA on the Raspberry PI.  It was such a success, we asked him to repeat it at our annual Hamfest in September 2014.

Below are links to Jim's presentation he gave at our Hamfest:


Part 1 - What is Raspberry PI? - Want to know what Raspberry PI is?  Here's where you find out.

Part 2 - Raspbery PI Weather Station - This is an application Jim designed and created using RPI.

Part 3 - RPI Garage Door - Another application by Jim.  Did you leave it UP or DOWN?  Now you'll never have to guess.

Part 4 - RPI and Amateur Radio - A few ideas on some of the other types of things you can do with Raspberry PI and Amateur Radio.